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The Meaning of HOPE

Wednesday, April 18th, 2012

Over the Easter holiday, I had the most extraordinary experience which left me with a game-changing life lesson. One I will never forget.

After a disappointing business meeting, I returned home convinced that a project I’ve been passionately working on for over 8 years would never materialize. This feeling grew into a sense of doom over the course of a few days and by Good Friday, I was utterly hopeless. I felt that my life as a mother, wife, and human being held no worth and I was ready to call it quits for good. My trust and faith had vanished and I turned my bitterness on God, blaming Him for what I perceived to be a failure. I was resigned to the fact that everything I had ever accomplished was a waste, and I felt like the last refuge of hope was a lie.

It was in this state that I retired to bed, drained, lost, and apathetic. The next morning, however, I awoke feeling slightly relieved from the worst of the anxiety. Though I did not yet have any direction, I now had a seed of hope. A new feeling pervaded me, a sense of detachment from all expectation and a desire to release all outcomes. For the first time, I simply let go of this project and removed myself from the stranglehold of expectation and resultant disappointment it had held over me for years. I finally relinquished it. A sudden and unexpected feeling of relief came over me! I felt so liberated and free, like I could breathe again. The feeling was so expansive and utterly peaceful. It was in this state that I entered into a new realm – a cosmos of ALL POSSIBILITY. This new realm was vast and spacious, unlike the crowded room of “expectation” I had been living in. This place was a cosmos of lights, all of them glimmering opportunites and endless possbilities waiting to be fulfilled. I hovered in this space all day, observing its qualities and offerings. There was no grasping, clutching, or clinging; no judgment or assumption, and no disappointment. Only peace and relinquishment. And all of it held in the hand of the Divine.

By Easter Sunday I was completely “new,” in the realm of possibility and feeling weightless. I had released everything, like clearing the monitor of my mind and doing a complete re-boot. Only now there were infinite numbers of opportunities all around me, nothing limiting them, only lighting the energy of my Hope. I had conquered hopelessness. I learned the true nature of Hope more from its absence than I had ever learned from its presence. When hope is gone, it takes along with it all faith, peace, belief, and trust, leaving us empty and lost. But with hope, we can enter into a vast primordial and limitless space. I saw that it is only when we relinquish all things that we are ready to receive all things. It is only when we loosen our attachments that we become open for all outcomes. There is no judgment, no want, and no expectation here. Only peaceful allowance, rightful belonging, and access to all possility.

Can you give up that thing you most desire? Can you relinquish it fully and without regret? Can you gift it to another without any thought of finding its replacement? And can you do this again and again? If so, you have learned and you are finally free.

Then, come join me in the cosmic realm of Hope and the endless possibilities that await us there…