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Beads of Contribution

Wednesday, December 5th, 2012

Our life Рa continuous necklace of contributions, each like a timeless bead linked together by our efforts, our energies, our talents and gifts. Each one has his own. Each person wears the jewels of his or her givings and receivings. We offer to our fellowman our service, our time, our love, our hope, and so give to him a bead with our name on it. He, in turn, gives to us his service, his time, his love, his hope, and so gives to us a bead with his name on it. And so the contributions go, like peace offerings for a planet of people adorned.

We are unity. We are one. Together. How beautiful is the diversity of our contributions. How colorful is our array of gifts. How awe-filled is our energy. We, like jewelers from higher realms, fashion and shape our beads with the greatest of care. As artists divine, we painstakingly work to give the finest of offerings to our brother or sister. We share with them our wisdom, our light, and so glistens their necklace ever brightly by what we have imparted. We, too, wear the shining contributions of those who have met with us on our journey. And we shine brighter for having them.

And so look around you today at the beads worn by those you pass. Your brothers and sisters are shaped by what you have contributed to the whole of humanity. Does it shine? Is it beautiful? And does it reflect the light in you?