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What is the Meaning of Life?

Thursday, June 20th, 2013



One dot on the matrix of eternal existence. One spark in the fire of heavenly cosmos. One gift. And one magnificent journey

All of us are experiencing this event called “life.” Each of us is born into being and then lives a span of encounters, lessons, and outcomes according to our choices. When we die, is may seem as if our life is extinguished. But this is only a shadow, for the light of our being passes on to a new realm of experience. And so what is the space in between what we call birth and death? And what is its meaning?

What is the meaning of life?

A young boy finds happiness with a simple homemade toy in a stilted village in Kompong Phluk, Cambodia



Our life, as experienced here, now, in a mortal sphere on Earth, is a multi-faced jewel—a kind of reflective story that expands with every choice we make. Before this mortal sphere, each of us existed in a divine abode along with billions of other beings like ourselves, all of us made of light. There, we were all ignited with the energy of love, held fast by arms of divine power. This divine power—the Light—is still among us and is a guiding force given to lead us in a healthy and illuminating way as we go from birth toward death, and all the many points in between. We are all, then, sides of this very intricate jewel as we shimmer and gleam, reflecting back to the Light what we have learned—the joy of our journey. We are thus fine-tuning our own light, adjusting our angle to reflect a “brighter side.”

Here, we are to test ourselves. Here, we are to struggle, win and lose, and experience the inherent darkness of this mortal sphere. Here, we are to transcend. All of this is done for our individual expansion, and likewise for the expansion of all, ultimately expanding that Light of divine power. Finally, we will step over the shadow of death and be reunited in our divine abode—the place from which we sprang—and there continue on our infinite journey toward expansions higher still.

What is the meaning of life?

A beautiful purple amethyst crystal is born in the fiery belly of a volcano, refined in the fires of adversity



Life is an adventure of eternal import. However, the life we lead here may be wrought with sorrow, despair, and heartache. It made be filled with pain. It often is. But the choices we make along the way can determine how the sorrow, heartache, and pain will affect us. We can choose to be a glimmer on the side of a jewel— vividly shining to brighten humanity and ourselves. Or we can allow life’s troubles to beat us down, and lie defeated at the grave of death. We can take our one chance at life and build meaning, joy, and happiness through the simplest moments within this experience. We can gather those we love, and forgive those who have oppressed us. We can share our heart with others in honest service to humanity, enjoying every second, not fretting over yesterday or worried about tomorrow. The Light is watching, awaiting our reflection. We, too, are eager to expand. So live. Transcend. And Expand . . .


What is the meaning of life?

Pilgrims and sojourners flock to the sacred ruin in Angkor Wat, Cambodia. We are all pilgrims in the sacred sojourn called Life.