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Expectation vs. Hope

Wednesday, September 5th, 2012

“Expectation” is conjured and perceived in the mind. But “Hope” is found in the heart where it germinates like a seed of great potential, blossoming into a mighty tree of beautiful, exponential liberation.

In the want-ful pool of expectation live clutching, clinging, and grasping – predecessors to painful disappointment. But in the bright waters of hope live opportunity, potential, and vast possibility. These two opposing forces find disagreement in their fundamental effect on our light. With hope, we become choosers of an endless stream of gifts, lifting us into the cosmos of heaven’s offerings, alight with promise and full of divine abundance. With expectation, however, we find ourselves clammoring for “what comes next,” never quite satiated by the opportunity in our midst and often wading through disappointments and disempowerments.

This disparity concludes that all short-sightedness and ineffect derive from man’s wisdom, and all boundless possibility and vastness derive from Heaven’s wisdom. Though both co-exist, both are not compatible. For one offers us the diminishing glimmer of temporary flare while the other offers us eternal breathtaking luminance. In life, how does this compare? Simple: when we put ourselves into an expectation that we have decided is necessary or desired, we limit what can be given to us by way of light. But when we release our expectation into a sea of possibility, removing all former suppositions about what we need or want, we then allow and even invite limitless opportunities aligned with our highest potential to come into our lives. The walls fall way and we hover in a timeless space of hope, light, and energy all pulsating to the rhythm of our inherent divinity. In this place, we become brighter – both our light and our intelligence, and we no longer feel the need to grasp or cling to anything. Rather, allowance and peaceful acceptance become our taglines and our mantra.

When we shed our urgent need for expectation and activate hope instead, we will flow forward freely into wide oceans of calm and bright seas of power. This is where will be found true peace and lasting progress.