Love’s New Paradigm

We can all imagine feeling love in a way that restores our energy, that renews our life, and that fills our hope to overflowing…

What can we do to ask for this type of love? Can we reject our fellowman or be selfish with our resources? Can we remove ourselves from service to others? Can we give only when it is convenient or easy? Can we allow further harm or disgrace to be present among our humanity?

We can only draw to us what we are sending outward in this paradigm. What is it we choose to relate to – peace or suffering? Do we act in ways that bring peace to others? Do we elect to further our cause of light and meaning among those we associate with? Are we making a statement of love with our deeds or our words? Do we choose to facilitate greater advancement of hope in this world, or do we demote it?

In an energy of love, we can choose to bring ourselves and others to a place of lasting light. We can project in our words and our deeds meaningful and regenerative purpose toward those we come in contact with. We can spread an effect of infinite brightness, or we can squander that brightness. It is up to us, you and me, to choose what it is we want to experience.

When love is abiding, real, and true, it sends out to us all its massive and enduring power which lifts every burden and which transcends every oppression. We abide in love when we give it freely and openly, when we measure out to our fellow beings its grace, and when we ourselves are the recipients of its healing gifts. We must give it to receive it. We must also receive it willingly and freely. Perhaps this is the hardest part.

In love’s new paradigm, all are the beneficiaries of its binding power and all are brought forward through its divine embrace. All are made a part of it and all are given to express it. All are seen as majestic and all are heard as truthful. All are held safely and all are given to soar. All. That is the actuation of its promise. And we will fulfill it upon our acceptance of its pursuit.

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