Being as a Holy State of Existence

What does it mean to BE? What does it mean to bring our lives into a new space? And what is truly be-ing?

We use this word “be” often, as a casual denoting of ourselves in connection with many different aspects: “I want to be rich” “I’m going to be late” “Why can’t you be more like ________”

Anytime we use this word, we come forward in designating ourselves as a particular “be-ing” – whatever we associate with at that moment. We may not realize how we are using this very specific and designating term “be.”  It is not just a meaningless reference. It isn’t merely a useful way of adding attachments within a sentence. We can take our words and with them create a life – an existence created by our own use of the meanings, designations, and purposes we adopt.

How can we modify our language to bring about brighter meaning within our lives? Here is an example which illustrates this ideal:

“I am being such an idiot.”

Here is the meaning: I AM = a declaration of great power

BE-ING = a state of action, purpose, and existence

SUCH AN IDIOT = acceptance and ownership of one’s “state” into a lower realm

Eye-opening, isn’t it? Even seemingly simple statements such as “I’m sure” “I will” and ”I am” are appointed with tremendous agency to create.

We can open our mouths and choose to create life in brightness, holy direction, and substance. Or we can mindlessly effect even the particles around us by our words. We choose.

Truly “be-ing” is a step toward higher progress – an order of our divine evolution – and it can be directed by the very words we use. When in connection with an enlightened mind, such use is holy and evolved. It is just one of the infinite tools we possess to further us on our sacred journey.

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